The Flutter Firebase Compendium

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Updated for 2024!

This ebook focuses on enabling you to integrate Firebase cloud services in your apps. It’s a jump-start when you want to get quickly into app development and don’t waste hours with internet research. The primary goal is to allow the reader to quickly implement apps with Firebase as a backend.

You will save a lot of research time with this ebook because it tells you how to use Firebase, when to use it, and shows you the relevant documentation parts. If you are serious about Firebase then this investment is a no-brainer.

The 3 main purposes of this ebook are

  • make it work
    Working examples and showcases
  • straight to the point
    No blabla, just key facts
  • save time
    Resources and explanations are included

What you’ll learn:

▶ Set up Firebase projects and link them with Flutter apps

▶ Use login mechanisms with Firebase Authentication

▶ Read and write data with the Firebase Cloud Firestore NoSQL database

▶ Use Firebase Cloud Functions to connect different services with your app

▶ Prevent unwanted access to your backend with Firebase App Check

▶ Implement server-side configurations with Firebase Remote Config

▶ Host your web app with Firebase Hosting

▶ Dealing with unpredictable costs

▶ Difference between no-cost and paid services 

What’s inside the book:

▶ Step-by-step setup guides with images for multiple Firebase services

▶ Flutter code snippets to get your app working

▶ Free, fully functional, and runnable code examples for every section

▶ A resource collection with links, tips, and demos of every Firebase service covered

▶ Links to all tools used to speed up Firebase app development

▶ Detailed explanation of Firebase service costs and things to consider

▶ Demo projects with source code to combine multiple Firebase services

What you’ll be capable of after reading the book:

▶ Set up Firebase projects and services in minutes

▶ Build Flutter apps backed by Firebase cloud services

▶ Understand the pros and cons of multiple Firebase features

▶ Decide what Firebase features you should use when


Q: What Firebase services are covered?

A: Firebase Authentication, Firebase Cloud Firestore, Firebase Cloud Functions, Firebase Storage, Firebase App Check, Firebase Remote Config, Firebase Hosting, Firebase Extensions

Q: I don't have much Flutter experience. Should I buy it anyway?

A: This ebook focuses on Firebase. The code examples might not be suited for beginners. Check out my blog articles to see if my style fits for you.

Q: I have a question/I want to give feedback/I found an error

A: Please email me!

Q: Isn't Firebase the same as Google Cloud?

A: Firebase is a subset of Google Cloud with a more user-friendly UI.

Q: There are a lot of outdated tutorials on the web. Is this guide more recent? Do the code examples work?

A: The entire code was tested in January, 2024. Everything works as expected and described.

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Last updated Jun 2, 2023

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The Flutter Firebase Compendium

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