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Flutter Test Guide

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Dear reader and Flutter enthusiast,

Welcome to this guide about testing with a focus on Flutter. From my experience, testing is an underrated and undervalued task. Many people don’t see benefits in testing and many programmers prefer developing features instead of writing tests. That’s why I decided to publish a compact guide about testing with Flutter. After studying this ebook, you’ll have theoretical knowledge about testing and lots of working code examples so that you can write better tests in the future or start writing tests at all.

This ebook is for you if you…

  • want to know how to write tests for Flutter applications with code examples
  • want to have an all-in-one guide about testing Flutter applications
  • have started developing Flutter apps just recently
  • have no or limited theoretical knowledge about testing
  • want to start writing good unit and widget tests for your Flutter apps
  • want to improve your testing skills

This guide contains many code examples that can also be found on GitHub. They are free and open-source, so don't hesitate to study and use them if you like.

The covered contents include the following:

Testing in software projects
General knowledge about testing, naming schemes, code coverage, test types, best practices

Unit tests
Hands-on example of how to write unit tests in a Flutter application with source code

Widget tests
Hands-on example of how to write widget tests in a Flutter application with source code

Dependency mocking
Technique to reduce testing down to the parts that you really want to test with source code

Measuring code coverage
Finding untested code parts by measuring code coverage

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Flutter Test Guide

4 ratings
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