Push Notifications with Flutter and Firebase


The content of this ebook is outdated. The Cloud Function is not working anymore since 2023. Read the article on my blog instead!

Article on QuickCoder.org

This ebook will show you how you can implement push notifications between Flutter apps using Firebase. Every step is described with code examples, images, and detailed text instructions.

In the end, you'll be able to write apps that can send push notifications to each other. You can also find a working source code example on my GitHub page at the end.

Here is what we are going to cover

  • Create and set up Firebase account and project
  • Prepare a simple Flutter app
  • Write code to send and receive push notifications

You'll need the following things for this guide:

  • A free Google account to register with Firebase (or a Firebase account)
  • Payment information like a credit card or Google Pay (only for the setup, you won't be charged anything!)
  • A Flutter app (your own, the default one, or the one provided on GitHub)
  • Basic knowledge of programming apps with Flutter
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You'll get an ebook in PDF format with a step-by-step guide to send and receive push notifications in Flutter apps


Push Notifications with Flutter and Firebase

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