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Create your Flutter App from Scratch

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Welcome to this documentation about how to write a mobile Flutter app from scratch. It is designed to give an overview to new developers on how to approach the quest of starting a new project. The target audience's knowledge level of Flutter can be described as beginners.

This ebook is for you if you...

  • have started developing Flutter apps just recently
  • are interested in becoming a Flutter developer
  • are unsure how to organize your Flutter project files
  • want to learn how the development process of other developers works
  • want to get inspiration about different aspects of the development process
  • want to suck as much knowledge from the internet as possible about Flutter

The contents and topics that we are going to cover include the following:

  • Planning of app features
  • Designing a basic app architecture
  • Defining data models
  • Setting up a local database
  • Building a simple user interface
  • Managing the application state
  • Implementing the user workflow

Every section will be enhanced by working code examples that can also be found on GitHub. They are free and open-source, so don't hesitate to study and use them if you like.

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You'll get an ebook in PDF format that contains various links to the code examples on GitHub.

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Create your Flutter App from Scratch

6 ratings
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