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Firebase Cloud Functions In Depth

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Firebase Cloud Functions In Depth

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This ebook tells you everything you need to know about Firebase Cloud Functions.

Short, precise, and straight to the point!

Don't waste time reading all the documentation or watching hours of YouTube content.

What's inside?

  • How to set up Firebase
  • Writing and deploying functions
  • Executing and scheduling functions
  • How the costs are calculated
  • Code examples and tips
  • Lots of links to official documentation resources

But why Firebase Cloud Functions?

  • No hardware management needed
  • Write backend code that runs in a controlled cloud environment
  • Firebase events and HTTPS requests trigger support
  • Backed by Google

No matter if you want to develop small apps for personal use or big enterprise applications, Firebase Cloud Functions is the right choice when it comes to choosing a serverless framework.

Open questions? Ask me anything here.

I guarantee a full refund if you are not satisfied with the content, no questions asked!

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March 6th, 2023
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